NEW and Beautiful in RandRilu salons - july 2015 


New or already your favourite known treatments and products, with a new and special price.



Beauty In-Fusion Face Treatment +
Lift&Roll massage.


An “infusion of beauty” made to measure all ages and needs

Our skin is not the same at 30 as it is at 40 or 50 and its needs are not the same either. Each face needs unique and specific solutions.

As a result of the latest research, Germaine de Capuccini has created a new concept of professional treatment as simple as innovative that gives an answer that is effective, exclusive and specific for each generation:

In your 30s vitality and luminosity.
In your 40s firmness and hydration.
In your 50s density and nutrition.

The “infusion of beauty” that adapts to each skin depending on its age.

At 30 skin needs to counteract the lack of luminosity and stress.

At 40 skin needs to counteract the first signs of skin aging.

At 50 skin needs to counteract the effects of hormone unbalances produced by ageing.

Any time of year.

In your 30s it restores tone, luminosity and vitality.

In your 40s it restores firmness and suppleness, uniformity and luminosity.

In your 50s it restores density and firmness as well as comfort and well-being.


*Germaine de Capuccini Beauty InFusion Facial combined with Lift&Roll massage method increases collagen syntesis, reduces fine lines, enhaces compexion and gives a wonerful lifting effect.


A lot more than just a pleasent massage!


 *Regular Service price: 55€


   Beautiful! price: 44€


   Available only in RandRilu salon Tallinn

L'Oréal Professionnel SERIOXYL Clean&Relax -
cleansing and peeling scalp traetment + blowdry styling.


The Scalp Deep Cleansing Solution to refresh and cleanse your scalp. Your hairdresser will then follow to 3-Step Fuller Hair programme, including our Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner and Aqua-mousse for added volume and lift. Finally, for a perfect finish, your hairdresser will apply one or both of our Super Serums; Thicker Hair or Denser Hair depending on your individual needs to help leave thicker or denser hair.


SERIOXYL Scalp Peel - Deep cleansing of the scalp that stimulates the growth of healthy hair. Contains Glycolic Acid, a powerful keratolytic agent that helps remove impurities from the scalp and oxygenation.

SERIOXYL Denser Hair - Enriched with Stemoxydine™ and Neohesperidin™, this super serum is a 3 month programme for denser looking hair.

SERIOXYL Thicker Hair - Instant thickening effect for thin or fine hair. Enriched with Intra-Cylane™.



  Beautiful! Price: 25€


  Available only in RandRilu salon Tallinn