NEW and BEAUTIFUL in RandRilu salon -December 2015 


New or already your favourite known treatments and products, with a new and special price.





 The new HG Cut technique is perfect for those who want to grow their hair, but also wish them to look healthy, without losing any length.

 HG Cut is performed on clean, dry hair which will be straightened if neccesary. The haircut is performed with clippers, which have a special attatchment for only cutting away split ends.  The hair is treated with small sections at a time and some sections may require several treating. With the HG technique it is possible to remove up to 90% of the damaged ends, without losing any length. The result may last (if the hair is treated correctly at home) up to 3-6 months.

The HG method does not repair the texture of the hair. It only focuses on removing the split and dry ends. Resulting in having smoother, shinier and softer hair. In order to treat the hair and repair the texture, we reccommend combining the treatment with Tahe Magic Botox Treatment. 

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 *Regular Service price: 20€ (without wash)


   Beautiful! price: 15€